Why choose nettoservice?


Founded in 1974 by Edouard Meyers, the management of the company was taken over by his children Mireille and Roland Meyers in 1989. In that way the spirit of a family business is always maintained in the company’s management.  Throughout the years the company has known a very strong evolution in regard to our techniques, material/machines as well as to our training programs. Since nettoservice was created, it has been an important actor on the Luxemburgish cleaning market, offering a multitude of job vacancies.


 Job creation has increased throughout time, offering divers positions, career orientations and work schedules that are accessible to anyone.

This is why the majority of our staff possesses considerable years of experience. Many of our cleaning agents who wished to take a break in order to raise their kids decided to come back to work in our company afterwards because here they found a caring employer-employee type of relationship.

Staff training

Our entire staff is trained on the most modern and ecological cleaning techniques. These training programs focus on the usage of various machines (single brush machine, scrubber dryer) and of our ecolabel certified cleaning products, which we are working with since the 1st January 2011, on hygienic rules, HACCP and security, but also on confidentiality.


nettoservice, being concerned about the environment, uses a panel of ecological cleaning products in order to preserve the environment.

This is why the board of directors decided to change their carpark into a 95% ecological carpark.

We are certified according to the referential ISO 9001 for the management of quality but also according to the referential ISO 14001 for the management of the environment.

Also being labelled by the SuperDrecksKëscht all of our staff is trained on waste separation.


All of our clients are offered a personalized follow-up, allowing reactivity for the implementation of correct but also preventive actions.

Visits, quality control checks, staff training in order to idealise our performances are organised on a regular basis.

We are hoping to become a partner to all of our clients.

Our clients’ loyalty towards us is essential.


Our teams are spread geographically in order to be fast and efficient on the entire Luxemburgish territory.

Our company allows interventions in all type of structures, as our material and human means are implemented to best satisfy our clients.

nettoservice possesses sufficient capacities and means to satisfy big structures as well as small ones, this as a result of its flexibility and the fact that the decision taking  way towards the management is short.

No matter what type of structure, we are implementing the necessary means and we will come up with the right personalised solutions and offer you a particular listening.

We are not only rendering services but also a partner for your company.

nettoservice takes care of your heritage day after day in order to sustain it.

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