Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning constitutes our main field of activity. Since four decades, we have been maintaining the heritage of companies, some of which belong to the most prestigious ones in the Grand-Duchy.

After visiting your premises and taking your specific wishes into account (solicited works, frequency, etc.), we offer you a free estimate.

We consider that everything related to maintenance and hygiene is within our competences. In addition to the « classical » cleaning and maintenance services, for instance the cleaning of premises, objects, surfaces and various coatings, and, according to your request, we offer specific treatments for sensitive materials, cleaning and disinfection of electronic devices, shampooing of carpets, the management of your waste, washing of your curtains, blinds, valances and the sourcing of supplies for the sanitary and the kitchen, even drinks, and these are just a few examples.


Since the 1st January 2011, the cleaning of your premises is accomplished using a range of ecolabel certified products.

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