Extensive cleaning of a sanitary block

Here you can find the results of the extensive cleaning of a sanitary block performed by our staff.


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Maintenance of the tram model

Cleaning of the life-size tram model installed in Kirchberg. 

We, as a Luxemburgish family business, are very honoured to have been chosen to offer our cleaning services.


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CSR Label

Having successfully met the criteria of the approach, we have been awarded with the CSR label.

Support for the "Amical vun der Schoul fir Assistenzhonn"

We support the "Amical vun der Schoul fir Assistenhonn” with the collection of plastic caps. Its main missions are to:

-Sponsor social accompaniment dogs and watchdogs

-Finance the education of assistance dogs by ‘Handy’chiens’


-Support the therapy assisted by the animal and the animation assisted by the animal 


Daycare 2015

For the second consecutive year, nettoservice has taken part in the Daycare.

For this occasion, we have welcomed three students to discover our activities.


The interns were paid by nettoservice with a donation to Care, a humanitarian organisation, in order to support the vocational trainings of midwives in Niger as well as to reduce the high infant mortality rate.

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CSR approach

Concerned about the well-being of our employees, the preservation of the environment, but also the economical evolution of the company, netto-recycling has launched in the CSR approach (corporate social responsibility) to improve its sustainable development at all levels.


Rock A Field 2015

Once again we would like to thank Rock a Field for giving us the opportunity to accompany them for the fourth consecutive year.


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Factsheets on security and health

As we are concerned about our employee’s safety, nettoservice created factsheets on security and health.

These factsheets contain pictures and pictograms intended to inform/remind the employees of the eventual risks related to our activities.


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Cleaning of the Cargolux simulator

Cleaning of the Cargolux simulator

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nettoservice participated in the 13th RTL job day.

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