We are very proud to share the article published in the magazine "Paperjam" with you that illustrates the progression of the company. The history of nettoservice began with the creation of the shop "Meyers & Cie" by starting selling machinery and cleaning products. Not only the family business has grown but also has diversified over the years. Thus, nettoservice was born and the company is now counting over 1400 employees. Lately the Meyers family founded netto-recyling, specialized in the destruction of confidential documents in all possible forms and continues to combine both the passion and their know-how.

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Impressive transformation after intervention of nettoservice

Here are some before and after pictures of our intervention in a private accommodation due to clogged kitchen drains. The result is remarkable and shows the efficacy of our services and our cleaning team. Are you also affected by water damage, fire or you are simply planning to renovate? We will be the ideal partner, always ready to help you.

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Our official « nettoservice » Facebook page has now reached over 1000 Fans. We appreciate your support and we are pleased about the positive feedback. In the future, too, we will continue to keep you informed on our internet site and Facebook page about our activities, services and job offers.

Rock-A-Field 2016

«Rock-A-Field 2016», as in years before, our waste separation system «Dräksäk©» was again present. Just like every year, it is a great honour for us to be part of this great event.

Open space

Since July 2016, our work inspectors can now take advantage of their new open space office that offers optimal working conditions. Here is a first overview of the outcome.


Wednesday, April 27 2016, the Chamber of Commerce organized the official ceremony as a part of the presentation of certificates to companies that have recently obtained the label "Made in Luxembourg" for their products or services. We are very proud that our company now also received this Luxembourgish certificate at this year's Spring Fair.

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Télévie 2016

On Saturday, 23 April 2016, once again nettoservice participated at the “RTL challenge on tour” and donated 2.000 euros to benefit the foundation.

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Facebook + LinkedIn

You can also find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.


We are very pleased having participated for the 3rd time at the "Kulturfabrik" which allowed many young Students to register for student jobs during the holidays. 

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We are very pleased and proud to communicate you that we received the Label “Made in Luxembourg” which shows the origin of our know-how. This brand is granted for a period of 5 years and only for luxembourgish products and services. In a first step, this label has as a goal to promote the products and services performed by companies created in the Grand-Duchy.

To obtain this luxembourgish Label, it is necessary to follow proceedings which will be thereafter evaluated by the Chamber of Trade or the Chamber of Commerce.

After receiving the right  to use the Label, it is necessary to follow strict procedures but it allows to the companies to use the logo on licensed products.

For nettoservice this means that the new “ Made in Luxembourg Label” will follow our Logo. This Logo allows us to display the luxembourgish origin and this factor plays nowadays an important role and symbolizes trust, loyalty and our expertise .

This label had known a growing interest in the handworker sector during the last decade and we are very pleased to take part in the repertory of the detaining companies. The awarding of the Label will be the 27th April 2016 during the Spring Fair.

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