Cleaning products certified with Ecolabel

Eco-labelled products are “naturally better “

What is the European Ecolabel?

The European Ecolabel (http://europa.euint/ecolabel distinguishes between products that are compliant to strict performance and environmental quality criteria. Each product labelled with Ecolabel passes a rigorous environmental conformity test, which results are certified by an independent organisation.

Other ecological labels cover only a few environmental aspects as, for instance, recyclability or energetic efficiency, whereas the European Ecolabel guarantees small environmental impacts throughout the products’ life cycle (from their production, to their conditioning, to the end of their lives)

 Advantages of the European Ecolabel

The Ecolabel allows to:

  • Reduce water pollution
  • Reduce the production of wrapping waste
  • Reduce energy consumption during the usage (efficient product with low temperature)
  • Minimize risk concerning health
  • Forbid certain  ingredients  that are dangerous for health (carcinogenic, mutagen)
  • Limit the concentration of other doubtful ingredients (toxic, not very biodegradables, phosphates...)


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