Waste management for events

The Dräksak© is the ideal waste separation system for events.


The concept:

We install the Dräksak© and the folding supports in the required quantity. We can also rent them out if you desire.  We replace the full waste bags and transport them to an intermediate dumping place. At the close of the event they are removed entirely. In other words, we are supervising the generated waste from A to Z.


The advantages:

  • The Dräksak© has no cover; and is therefore much easier to use than conventional bins;
  • It is equipped with a flag (2,50 m to 3,00 m height) illustrating the type of waste so that  it is clearly visible from far off;
  • Offering a capacity of 1m3, the Dräksak© can contain quantities up to 1250kg;
  • All the points can also be offered separately. For instance, you can hire the material, install it on your own and bring it back to us as soon as your demonstration is over.


Elimination -> easy, clean and economical: The Dräksak© is versatile and suitable to many types of waste. There is nothing more practical and ecological.

The following wastes must be separated before putting into the Dräksak©:

  • Flooring, wallpapers, carpets, insulation material
  • Plastics, used tires, cables, batteries
  • Wood waste, yard waste, paper, cardboards
  • Metals, aluminium
  • Electronic equipment, ceramics, textiles

These types of wastes are not accepted by the Dräksak®:

  • Household waste, sweeping waste
  • Used oils, solvents, gasoline
  • Paints, varnishes or other toxic substances
  • Dead animals
We reserve the rights to charge you for additional costs resulting from a bad filling.


Dräksak© in action

Description of the Dräksak© frame

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