nettoyage régulier

Our activity fields
Regular cleaning
Constitutes our main field of activity

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nettoyage de vitres

Our activity fields
Glass surfaces
Washing of all glass surfaces

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décapage des sols

Our activity fields
After construction works, floods, fire or any other type of works

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Service hiver

Our activity fields
Winter service
Clear the snow and preventive salt spreading

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Our activity fields
Waste management for events

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Founded in 1974 by Edouard Meyers, the management of the company was taken over by his children Mireille and Roland Meyers in 1989. In that way the company’s management always reflects the spirit of family business. Throughout the years the company has known a very strong evolution in regard to the techniques, materials/machines as well as to our training programs. Since nettoservice was created, it has been an important actor on the Luxemburgish cleaning market, offering a multitude of job vacancies.



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